People & Migration


If you are an applicant for asylum, you find yourself in a foreign culture, you have to learn a new language, to find a flyt, a job and contacts. In order to facilitate integration we offer coucelling and aid projekts in Augsburg City, Augsburg District and Aichach-Friedberg district. You will find support and get advice in the areas mentioned below.

Beratungsstelle für Asylsuchende und Flüchtlinge (council centre for asylum seekers and refugees): Our staff will be happy to answer your questions concerning the asylum procedure, the right of residence, every day life in Germany and refugee accomodations.

Jugendmigrationsdienst (youth migration service) will be the right place for your questions, if you are aged between 12 and 27 years. 

Migrationsberatung für Erwachsene (migration service for adults) supports and controlls the integration process of adult immigrants.

Rückkehrberatung (mentoring of returnees) offers consulting service, if you have questions concerning a return to your home country in order to build up your future there.

Elternberatung (parent councelling) will answer your questions if you are pregnant or a single parent concerning kindergarten, school, education as well as your children´s integration difficulties.  Tagespflege für Flüchtlingskinder (day-care for refugee children) will be happy to give support if you are interested in child up-bringing, life with children in Germany, childcare places for children aged less than three years. Hausaufgabenbetreuung für Flüchtlingskinder (homework tutoring for refugee children) that is offered in most every refugee accomodation, is responsible for introducing you into the Bavarian School System. 

Fachstelle Gewaltprävention (protection against violence) is a council center that offers support, if you - woman, men or child -  have been witness of violence or victime of violence in a refugee accomodation and kow feel threatened.

Jobcenter Our staff will be ready to support your initial application for services from the jobcenter.

Residential project If you are allowed to leave the refugee accomodation in order to look for a flat or if you want to support refugees to find a flat you will get support by means of workshops and rental guidelines.

Voluteer work Please contact coordiantors for further information and voluteer work.

Partner and network As varied as your concerns and problems as immigrants may be, as diversified are our support services, too. This requires on the one hand working with different partners in different projects and networks:

Donnations On the other hand we depend on donations and volunteer workers in order to meet the increasing demands. These people are a useful and direct link for asylum seekers and refugees to find their place in an open and tolerant society, where everyone is welcomed. More information can be found under the headings of donations and volunteer work.

Educational and public relations work Please contact us for referees to report on their experiences from asylum and migration.

Official positions Please find an overview of positions concerning the topics asylum and migration as well as further information about our activities: