Centres for Asylum Seekers and Refugees


1. City of Augsburg
    Centre for intercultural counselling (zib): opening times
    Accommodation Ottostraße 2, 86153 Augsburg: opening times
    Accommodation Priviantbachstraße 41, 86153 Augsburg: opening times
    Accommodation Schülestraße 4, 86161 Augsburg: opening times
    Accomodation ( Grandhotel Cosmopolis ) Springergäßchen 5, 86152 Augsburg: opening times
    Accommodation Windprechtstraße 52 c, 86159 Augsburg: opening times
    Accomodation Zusamstraße 8, 86165 Augsburg: opening times

2. District of Augsburg 
    Accommodation Ziegeleistraße 10, 86368 Gersthofen: opening times
    Accomodation Neusäß, Siemensstraße 6 b, 86830 Neusäß: opening times
    Accomodation Stadtbergen, Bismarckstraße 64, 86391 Stadtbergen: opening times
    Accomodation Diedorf, Bahnhofstraße 18, 86420 Diedorf: opening times
    Accommodation Augsburgerstraße 2, 86863 Langenneufnach: opening times
    Accommodation Am Bahnhof 3, 86597 Horgau: opening times
    Accomodation Meitingen, Flurstraße 29, 86405 Meitingen: opening times
    Füreinander-Haus, Schloßhof 5, 86465 Welden: opening times

3. Distict of Aichach-Friedberg
    Papst-Johannes-Haus, Meringerzellerstraße Straße 2, 86415 Mering: opening times
    Accomodation Kissing, Kleiderkammerbüro, Auenstraße 12 B, 86438 Kissing: opening times

We are working for you in a lot of projects. If you have a question which doesn’t fit into one of these, just call the following number: 0821 455429-0

Projects supervised by the Diakonie Augsburg
Welt Weit Windprechtstraße - Day care for toddlers
Welt Weit Ulrich - Day care for toddlers
St. Johannes - Day care

Projects with participation of the Diakonie Augsburg

If you want to work at one of the above mentioned projects as a volunteer, in order to support asylum seekers and refugees, please contact us at one of the above mentioned phone numbers. General information regarding this valuable support can be found on the chapter volunteer work.