Asyl- & Flüchtlingsberatung


The Diakonische Werk Augsburg is managing the Zentrale Rückkehrberatung Süd- und Westbayern (mentoring centre for returnees in southern and western Bavaria). Valuable support is granted by the following institutions: Caritasverband für die Diözese Augsburg, The Bavarian Red Cross, and the Government of Swabia.

Offers for Asylum Seekers & Refugees

1. Information and support with applications at authorities
    and guidance in all bureaucratic matters,
    support with language courses,
    therapy and conflict mediation

2. Support with an initial application regarding services from the jobcenter:
    Angeline Bretonville, tobias Aker, Sabine Sagi, Naiara Vieira

3. Assistance for pregnant women, single parents and families as well as parent advice:
    Hannah Lehleiter, Susanne Donn


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