If you are not a citizen of the EU and you want to return to your home country in order to build up a new existence, you might look for information and support to achieve this goal. There is a central support service available, which offers detailed information about the developments in your home country and the perspectives as a returnee. In the picture above you can see what can be achieved by this valuable support: A market garden in Kosovo, made possible not only by hard work, but also by the successful mentoring process available for returnees.

The Diakonische Werk Augsburg is managing the Zentrale Rückkehrberatung Süd- und Westbayern (mentoring centre for returnees in southern and western Bavaria). Valuable support is granted by the following institutions: Caritasverband für die Diözese Augsburg, The Bavarian Red Cross, and the Government of Swabia.

The main areas of counselling service
• Advice on residence and general perspectives for returnees
• Information on the current situation in the specific home country
• Submission of future perspectives and ways of getting qualified
• Submission of direct aid: 
  Getting necessary documents, 
  Financing and planning of the journey back home, 
  Individual assistance in case of sickness, disabilities etc.

Support in building up an existence and getting the necessary qualifications
• Support in building up your own enterprise, e.g.:
  solar technology, agriculture, internet café
• Qualification courses, e.g.:
  computer-, sewing-, welding-, solar technology-courses
  pallet transporter license

Repatriation Councelling in European Dialogue
• Transnational Exchange IV
This Project is subsidised by the European Fund for Asylum, Migration and Integration and also by the Bavarian Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, Familiy and Integration.

You want to know more? Call us from Monday to Thursday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. We are happy to receive your call at the following number: 0821 50896-32